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Sinners, do not fear that when you come before My presence My voice will judge you before your brothers, because I will not denounce you.

Do not fear, as Magdalene did not fear when, drawing close to Me, she divested herself of the heavy burden of sins, without caring who looked at her, who heard her, or judged her. She was at peace because she knew she was no longer a woman stained by sin, but rather a sinner purified by repentance.

Imitate her, in her repentance and in her love.

Truly, truly I say to you, that there is more love in repented sinners than in those who have always considered themselves righteous.

The heart of the sinner is more sensitive when touched with the love of my word, because there are many who have sinned because they lacked love in their lives. When they have heard the Father´s voice calling them, forgiving them, healing their wounds, and understanding them, they quickly felt the Divine touch in their most sensitive fibers. Thus, they experienced the Master´s enduring patience before them.

There are many men who journey through earth, seeking a phrase or a redeeming light to comfort them in their grief, they seek someone who will speak to them of a better life and not point out their faults. However, they have not discovered such a person on earth! Thus, they withdraw from people, become hermits, and confide their secrets to no one.

Do not speak harshly to anyone, for redemption does not occur in such a manner. You will learn that a sinner should not be harmed as apunishment for his mistakes.

I tell you that if you speak to beasts with love, they will bow their heads.

Those who Have not stumbled into the abyss, are always accusing and quickly judging your fellowmen without the least pity, and that is not my Doctrine.

And you, women, who believe that you belong to a superior class and are ashamed to get near those who have sinned: Woe unto you if you feel offended or complain for that reason, because you have failed to understand that everyone is spiritually equal! How many of you have not sinned with your deeds, but have concealed your own downfalls! Therefore, if you have sinned, why do you scandalize?

I assure you that your juedgement would show more compassion, if before judging others, you would analyze yourself and your defects. You feel that those who are in prison are evil and that those in hospitals are unfortunate. You depart from them not realizing that they are also worthy of entering the kingdom of my love. You do not want to consider that they also have the right to feel the rays of the sun which I created to give life and warmth to all creatures, without exception.

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