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The Elder – Old ones

This entry it's part of the Humanity series. Part 28 of 40

I also speak about the elderly, those who long ago left the prime of their lives, and now they feel the cold of winter. As they grow older, they are lacking strength, the energy, and health; the work becomes heavy, their limbs turn sluggish, and their services are no longer needed for work.

Thus the elderly see themselves excluded from the struggle of the rest; they feel abandoned, and their heart, depressed, sinks with sadness and has to experience hardship, misery, hunger, and loneliness. I speak about them, because they also need your aid and comfort. Love them, O! My people! And you will have the right to sit at the great table of the spiritual banquet where I will say to you: “Blessed are you who, in imitation of the Master, were able to understand all those who suffer.”

Have respect and love toward the mature and the elderly. You may discover in them the spirit who has already passed through the top of the mountain of life. Whatever the Earth had to offer, little or much, they have already received it. They expect nothing from it anymore. They place everything in the future which awaits their spirit; however, from among all men, they are the ones who have the most to give, because they have already gathered from the harvest all of what they sowed along their existence.

You should hear them and from them you shall receive. If they need support, care or aid, it is not their spirit who is in need of your help; it is their tired flesh, worn out by the struggle. Be attentive toward them; have tenderness and respect, because they need it and deserve it. After so much bitterness and fatigue, a drop of honey is very pleasing to those hearts.

That is how I want you to regard Humanity, beloved people, spiritually, so that you may give to each of your brethren the value he has and the place he deserves. If you forget your essence and continue treating them only as material beings, you would be denying the true value that exists in every human being, which is the spirit.

Aged ones: The passage of time and the struggles of life have humbled you. Your lips are silent; your heart is sad. You have learned that no more can you yearn for the glories of the world since you are no longer young. Your only hope lies in the life found beyond death which your spirit awaits. You feel useless because your brethren believe that you no longer serve a purpese since you are physically weak However, you know that within your heart a light shines and an abundance of knowledge exists.

I, your Master, understand you; I know your heart and I say to you: talk to me, behold how My love envelops you. Calmly await the hour of My calling. Do not be disturbed, for there the true life and eternal youth await you.

Men of maturity and aged ones: Do not lament the time that you have let pass without hearing me; you are with Me today. If you love Me, you will in a short time learn My teachings and benefit from it You are already on the path and you can begin the journey.

The sorrow of many men comes from not having found in his lifetime a shady tree under which to rest. They have found trees on the path but they were dry and fruitless.

When they come, satisfying their hunger and thirst and take pleasure in resting, all their past will, through imagination, become known to them; the painful journey through the desert, the darkness with its temptations, the abysses full of dangers, of vices and of death. They will remember one by one the bitter chalices that they drank, and they will observe within themselves traces of the struggle.

Elders, be with Me and never more separate from Me. Follow Me today and when your spirit arrives at the threshold of the spiritual valley to begin a new life you will experience youth eternally. You will always be young and strong.

Ah!, if only you knew how to live with the simplicity of the birds who live loving one another. As winter approaches they fly away seeking better climates, but leave their nests prepared for their brethren! Old age represents the winter of your life. However, you who have little faith perceive the coldness of death and the finale of life in that winter. You fail to realize that after winter, spring will always arrive and nature will be renewed, birds will trill their songs, and the fragrances of spring will be released.

Elders who weep because your reasoning tells you that you will not see on Earth the triumph of My Law, truly I say to you: Who can assure that by then, you shall not be back in this world to be witnesses to the coming of My Kingdom, and attain one more step along the pathway? To those who will not return, I say to them that I will allow them to behold from the hereafter the triumph of My justice, and the voice and presence of those beings will be felt on Earth.

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