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Ordeals and Suffering. Pain and sorrow as spirit’s teachers

This entry it's part of the Humanity series. Part 4 of 40

To you who live tormented by the ordeals, the struggles, by doubts and uncertainties, by sadness and grief: pacify your heart and clear your mind so you can comprehend what I am about to tell you, young novices in life. When you feel the pain penetrate in your heart again, isolate yourselves a few moments from all that surrounds you and seclude yourselves. There, in the intimacy of your home, converse with your spirit; take hold of your ordeal and examine it, as you would do with some object you took in your hand to study. Examine your sorrow the same way, figure out from where it originates, and why it came about. Listen to the voice or your conscience and truly I say to you that from that meditation, you will extract a treasure of enlightnment and peace for your heart.

This life is a continuos ordeal for man, all the way from from his birth until he ceases to exist.

I admonish you, thus so that you may not become confused when you see wars unleashed and a multitude of beings dying day after day in differents accidents right before your eyes. When you cannot find the reason for those trials that make your heart quiver, keep in mind that each spirit has come to Earth to restore for himself what he had previously refused, and that there are beings so letargic that only a trial like that could awaken them.

You are like the shrubs that at times have such dry and sickly branches, that they need the painful pruning in order to turn away your ills and allow you to recover your health. My justice of love, on plucking away from the human tree the infested branches that eat away at heart, elevates it. When a limb of a man´s body is about to be cut off, he groans, trembles and quails, even when he knows that is must be done to remove what ails him. That which is dead threatens what is still able to survive. The roses also suffer at the time of pruning, they pour their sap like tears of pain; but later, they will be covered with more beautiful flowers.

Today many revile suffering, but tomorrow they will bless it as a teacher who taught them elevated and beautiful lessons.

I wish it were always the love of the Master that would show you the way and the finality of life, but you have preferred that the pain do the teaching.

From that bitter teacher you will pass on to receive lessons from Him who teaches you with sweetness.

The ordeals come in such a subtle way that many times you are not even aware when they terminate. What would happen to you if I were to announce the date, the day, and the hour, so that you will wait for them?

Today you are still covered by a veil of ignorance, which in your earthly materialism and in your religious fanaticism, filled with false fears and prejudices, you have not dared to tear down. That is why when a trial comes into your life and you cannot find some clear cause, you cry out saying: “But, what have I done to deserve this punishment?” without being aware that My justice sometimes takes centuries, and even eras to reach a spirit. My justice always comes, and even though apparently it arrives late or out of time, the fact is that is that it always manifests itself in a wise manner. To those who have stopped to ask Me why is it that you have been tested, I say to you: By chance are you aware of your debt to me? Do you know how must I cleanse your spirit so that he will return to Me as pure as he emerged from Me? That is why I say to you: Merely accept with patience and preparation the trials that I send to you each day, for My strength is always with you.

Not always will it be necessary for you to drink to the depths of the chalice of bitterness, because it will be enough for Me to observe your faith, your obedience, your purpose and intention in obeying My mandate for me to absolve you from reaching the hardest moment of your ordeal.

Man is the one who sets up barriers against his own spiritual progress. God does not punish, nor is he an executioner. God is Powerful, and is Strength, Light, Life and Love. Since God is wisdom, understanding, and universal peace, how can you believe that loving you as He does and having endowed man with so many blessings and Divine gifts, and preparing him for an eternal spiritual life, He would punish him?

You attribute to My justice all your suffering, and you are not aware that you are responsible for your downfalls.

There are trials that My justice send to you, but you are sowing the majority of them with your weakness; however in both cases, My love fortifies and asists so that you may continue until the end of the road.

There are no ordeals that are useless. All have a purpose, which is to perfect your spirit.

The big trials are always for the greater spirits, that is why, when you see a whirlwind coming towards you threatening to destroy your tranquility, do not fear, go forth to meet it; conquer it with the power that I have given you. Wait for the time needed and do not weaken in your struggle, do not try to conjure it away at the moment it appears before you. Remain praying and watchful, I am not speaking of Nature´s elements but those that can be a useful crucible to the spirit, and when used advantageously, will aid him to ascend and discover new paths before him. That will make him understand and awaken feelings which have remained dormant and that for him were necessary to help him evolve.

Man alone is incapable of accepting My word and modify his customs, tendencies, ambitions and ideals. That is why I have permited pain to touch him for a time. But when their cup becomes more and more bitter, and they recognize their error before the judge of the conscience, they will invoke My name and they will seek Me.

When the affliction becomes very intense, then man, however indifferent and cold he has become toward My doctrine, he remembers God. He turns his eyes towards Me, in search for My charity, and in his despair he elevates this prayer: “Lord, why do you not grant me that which I ask for you so much? If you do not heed my plea, then shorten my days on Earth, since there is no object in my being here only to suffer”. What ignorance you display speaking in that manner to your Father who is all love towards his children!

You may be certain that those who suffer the most during this time, is because before that, they drank to their depths their cup of pleasures, satisfactions and the glory of the world, and with that they strayed from his spiritual path, and left.

If you wish to dwelve more profoundly into the reason for your ordeals, remember that you are in the period of restitution of all your past faults. When you finally have faith in what I am explaining to you, a pleasing conformity, an infinite peace will invade your being, pondering that I am the only One who knows your past, and can judge it with love.

Man suffers in this times because he has departed from his fulfillment of the Divine Laws, both spiritual and natural, and he seeks the remedy in what is ficticious in this world. He is not aware that the origin of his malady is within his spirit.

Ah! If you would understand the affliction that touches the body is balsam and a relief for the spirit! Because while the flesh maintained its good health and well-being, many times the spirit was dragged toward the depths, or felt imprisoned within a life filled with pleasures and unleashed passions, but void of light for the spirit. Finally the suffering came, like a force more powerful than human passions, to stop man in his blind course, allowing the spirit to become liberated, blessing his affliction and recognizing that there exists no wiser justice than God´s.

Some reach this understanding sooner, thus avoiding much suffering. Others are obstinate and tardy to understand to the point of complaining and blaspheming, thus increasing with that their cup of bitterness.

You ask Me if there is nothing I can do for you? Ah! My little ones! Before you ask Me, I have deposited all that you need upon your hand! But being occupied in the struggle and carrying on without light or faith, you do not know how to feel My presence nor discern what I entrusted to your spirit, nor the light of the next day which only waits for your awakening so that you can see its brilliance at its plenitude.

I am the God of hope and the provider of all the licit desires of My children. When suffering penetrates within you allow it to fulfill its mission, but think that in order to ascend the ladder of perfection, of spiritual evolution, you should not be satisfied just being strong and resigned to your ordeals and to your suffering. You must likewise think about the afflictions of your fellowmen.

Be aware that I do not limit Myself to feel your afflictions but instead, I come to remedy them but in addition to knowing this, it is necessary for you to love and have faith in my Law; that you know how to ask, pray and have patience in your ordeals.

Certainly I test you, touch you and judge you, but at the same time I nourish you, forgive you and uplift you. Never will a spirit part defrauded from My presence, injustice has no place within Me.

The trials you encounter along your way have not come to you by chance. I have sent them to you in order for you to earn merits. The leaf of the tree moves not without the will of the Father. Be vigilant and pray so you will understand what is the fruit you should gather from each ordeal, so that your expiation may be shortened. Pick up your cross with love, and I will make it possible that you bear your restitution with patience.

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